Options Unlimited is a Washington residential service provider dedicated to creating and maintaining community-based residential living arrangements for persons with developmental disabilities. Options Unlimited believes that every person has the equal opportunity right to share in the benefits and difficulties of life in the community.

To support persons with developmental disabilities gain access to such opportunities, Options Unlimited focuses on creating individual, roommate, and small group living arrangements using apartments, duplexes, and rental houses. Each living arrangement is designed to meet the needs of the individual or individuals involved.

It is the purpose of Options Unlimited to assist developmentally disabled adults in acquiring and maintaining living situations in their own residences. This will enhance their opportunity to become valued, integrated members of the community.

Options Unlimited provides opportunities and options to each individual participating in its supported living program to have a personalized home; to see themselves and be seen by others as an adult; to maintain optimal health; to maintain a reasonable degree of personal security and safety; to develop a self-directed, positive quality of life; to establish and maintain close relationships with family, friends, and non-disabled members of the community; to experience community participation and integration; and to realize increased personal growth and competence.

In providing residential support services, Options Unlimited will carry out all program activities and interactions with program participants with consideration for their personal well being and legal rights by attempting to maintain a balance of protection and autonomy.

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